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Big Thank You to......

Peter Barry.

I know we're all missing 'Swansea and Neath's Live Music Scene'!!!!!!


I've been told to update the site....

put some new material on board!!!!!


Damn good advice!!!!!

Can't just sit in the house with a negative face!!!!!





Let's have some memories!!!!

1st Up!!!!!


Hayley and The Comets.

When i'm out and about filming bands, you'd be surprise how much more I notice about the bands. Things that the normal punter doesn't notice!!


In this clip of Hayley and The Comets, this was the last song of the night.

On the band's playlist, there was a rather 'tame' song to finish off.


I noticed Leigh (lead guitar),

look  at the other band members

communicating a change of song.


You can see Hayley's face....,

not really amused!!!!!

Having to look through her music sheets.

But as a Top Performer', she goes with the flow!!!!!'


Playing this emotional and powerful ACDC classic,

she gives it all, including changing some lyrics to 

involve the Swansea audience!!!!!!


What sticks in my mind

at the end of the song......,

she was knackered...,

insisting that she needed

'A Cup Of Tea'.


I wonder if Hayley told Leigh off!!!!!!!


Absolutely Brilliant!!!!!!







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Bad Things

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Dirty Wizardz

Double Or Nothing


Electric Company

Elphies Kingdom

Expecting Company

Fender Benders


Fifth Element

Final Demand


The Flicks

The Fund

Gimme Some Lovin'

Ghost Train Band

Guilty Pleasure Band

Guilty Pleasure Trio

Grand Theft Audio.

Gutbucket Band

Half Cut

Half Moon

Half Tidy.

Hayley And The Comets

Hayley And The Comets Acoustic

Helix And The Hounds

Hummingbirds Duo



Jacqueline Ann Murray

Jazzy Africano Band

Jemma Krysa

Junction 47

Karma Detectives

(The) Kikx

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Last Clean Shirt


Like A Lion

Lost Frequency

The Lunatic Fringe Band

Matt John Band

Mea Culpa

Michael Roberts

Mint Condition

Miss Understood

Natalie Jones.

Natural Uplift.

No Salad

Peep Show

Penny Arcade.



Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac)

(The) Revolvers

Right Honourables


Ross & Sam

Sean Williams Band


Side Effects



Southern Blood

Stereo Hearts

Steve Williams Band

Sunshine Cab Co.

Ten To Midnight & Donna

This River


Tight Fisted.

Time Was

Too Late For Tears

Touch The Fist

Trembling Knees

Two Til Twelve

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What The Funk


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